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Vaporeon - Pokemon Eeveelution Die-Cut Sticker

Vaporeon - Pokemon Eeveelution Die-Cut Sticker

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♡ this little guy makes quite a splash! ♡

This sticker measures ~3" tall and ~3" wide. All stickers are packaged tightly in envelopes to keep them safe during their trip! Great for laptops, helmets, planners, books, water bottles, skateboards, cars, and much more!

♢ Handmade & designed by me
♢ Peel-back sticker
♢ Die-cut
♢ Waterproof
♢ Scratch resistant
♢ Measurements: ~3" tall and ~3" wide

Want any other Pokemon made into a sticker? Send me an email, or fill out my commission request form! Just click the 'Contact Me' page to access it.

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